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Workforce Investment

Class of 2019

HSM Engineering is responding to today’s challenging times with further investment in employee training and development to create a dynamic and multiskilled workforce across the board from school leavers to mature apprenticeship schemes!

At the beginning of 2019 HSM Engineering Ltd welcomed a new Under 21 Engineering Apprentice, he’ll join two existing Youth Apprentices who are now moving onto their Advanced Level Engineering Apprenticeships and have been with the company for over 2 years. Alongside this, HSM is investing in 4 Mature Apprentice Schemes for key employees, whilst continuing to support its two-degree level employees with their studies. Jason Thorpe, HSM Engineering’s managing director commented:

“These challenging times require a workforce that is motivated, multi skilled and ready for the hurdles and opportunities that lie ahead. It’s great to have a team who are hungry to learn and make a change to the business.”.

HSM Engineering Limited, has initiated a program (with their chosen provider Qualitran) of upskilling 4 of its key staff members with Business Improvement Techniques utilising the Apprentice Levy. Organisations such as Qualtrain can access funding for non-levy paying organisations and source appropriate trainers with industrial expertise.

Barry Moss, an award-winning Chartered Engineer of Go Six Sigma Limited, was sourced for HSM Engineering Limited via its affiliated partner The Nottingham Manufacturing Network. He is in the process of upskilling the Mature Apprentices in; Team Working, Workplace Organisation, Visual Management, Continual Improvement and Problem Solving. The program duration is a minimum of 12 months and includes onsite training, self-study workplace assignments and strengthening core skills (maths and English). The Apprentices are aiming to complete the program with an NVQ qualification and a Technical Certification. Jonathan Paterson, one of the Mature Apprentices said, “I’ve been inspired to look for new ways of working” and Barry Moss commented in return “The team at HSM Engineering are a pleasure to work with. They are a committed, open and honest group with a real desire to improve both themselves and their business.”


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