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Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet Cutting Services Include

  • Multi Axis capability
  • Micro cutting to the finest tolerances
  • Cut virtually any material up to 200mm thick
  • No heat generated / no heat affected zones
  • No mechanical stresses
  • No “scaley” edges, making it easier to produce a high quality weld
  • Narrow kerf removes only a small amount of material
  • Cut near net shapes prior to machining operations
  • Waterjet is a green technology

Waterjet Cutting

HSM Engineering Ltd has huge capability when it comes to waterjet machining

Many engineering solutions can be provided with the ability to cut all types of materials using a cold cutting process, with no thermal distortion or heat-affected zones.

Materials can be closely nested and sometimes stacked, saving both time and materials, significantly reducing your cost. The waterjet can cut an array of complex materials such as:

  • Armor plate steel
  • titanium
  • composites
  • laminates
  • nylon
  • rubber

plus many more.

HSM Engineering can handle anything from a one-off custom project, large production runs or modifications to existing components and complex shaped blanks.

With the machine capability to achieve tolerances of 0,1mm and thicknesses from thin shim up to 200mm offering a cost-effective alternative solution to more traditional methods of cutting such as CNC machining and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). Furthermore, our waterjets can cut at 60-degree angles to create bevels or complex geometry.

HSM provide waterjet cutting solutions to sectors such as Aerospace, Military and Nuclear where the quality requirements are high and the tolerancing tight.


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