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HSM Engineering achieve next key milestone as they go for GOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Standard Award for the Going for Gold program being achieved by the HSM Engineering team

In 2020 HSM Engineering Ltd’s valued customer, Rolls Royce Submarines Limited launched a new improvement program named ‘Going for Gold’ The program, implemented to enable focus on improving the ‘Value Chain Competitiveness’ via a Quality, Cost and Delivery matrix backed up with ongoing business improvement and measured through assessments. In return for achieving the set standards a bronze, silver or gold award could be achieved by successful audited progression to the standards.

In March 2021 HSM gained status of bronze for achieving the QCD requirements of the program and made a commitment to our valued customer that our journey had started, and we were aiming for the next key milestone, silver award.

Taking up the challenge of silver award HSM have focussed on making further improvements over the last year. These improvements such as additional 6’s activities, further ‘Standard Operating Procedures, Customer Value Proposition events and the introduction of an ‘Employee of the Month’ scheme were some of the improvements to help us along our journey.

July 2022 – HSM Engineering Ltd achieves Rolls Royce Silver Standards Award

It was in July of this year RRSL audited HSM Engineering Ltd against our journey pledge and the requirements of ‘Going for Gold’ As it was a successful audit HSM were delighted to be informed that our continued progression had met the required standards of silver and the award would be presented by Gilbert Lock, Head of Mechanical Procurement at the RRSL site.

HSM have now got plans in place to progress the silver award to the gold status, by 2023. In doing so, we will provide advocacy for the program and apply further improvements to our people, process, and procedures for the future.

HSM have been a strategic supplier to the Nuclear Submarine program for many years, helping RRSL with their modern designs and development programs to help serve the country with sustainable Naval protection.

Managing Director Jason Thorpe said “I am exceptionally proud of the way ‘Team HSM’ have taken to our commitment, and to receive the silver award by Rolls Royce was a valued recognition of our efforts. It was an incredibly special day, and we look forward to the challenge now of achieving, gold”


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